Always prefer fat meat. It will be cheaper, more tasty and not too dry! Yes, most of the taste lies in the fat part of the meat!

Recipe: Lasagne

June 9, 2006

Yeah i know, this was predictable!

Well, what do you need to make some good lasagne?

  • pasta for lasagne (possibly the one that does not need to be precooked)
  • meat sauce:
    • 1 onion
    • olive oil
    • minced meat (i prefer beef, but you can mix some pork as well)
    • a can of tomatoes (no oregano, no basilicum, just tomato)
    • one stok cube
    • a glass of wine (red is better but white will do pretty good as well)
  • bechamel sauce (no, it's not mozzarella! 🙂 )
    • 200 gr of butter
    • flour
    • 1 liter of milk
    • salt
    • nutmeg
  • Parmesan cheese

So, let's start by chopping the onion and putting it on a pan. Add some ovile oil and warm it up until the onion takes a nice gold like color. At this point we are ready to add the meat and let it cook. As soon as there's no raw meat left it's time to add the stock cube, and half a glass of wine. Once all the wine has evaporated we can add the canned tomato and a glass of water. Mix it up and cover with a lid. Here is the first trick: let it cook for AT LEAST one hour, but two would be better. The reason is that tomato changes taste as it cooks and the more you are patient, the better it will taste. You may think it won't make a big difference in the final result, but it's details that make a perfect balance in taste.

The next step is the bechamel sauce. Start by melting the butter in a big pot. Then add flour until you get a pretty solid ball. Now it's time to slowly add warm milk. Add half a cup each time and mix until all the milk gets absorbed. Note that the temperature of the pot should not be too high now. You will be surprised by the absorption capabilities of the mix so be prepared to mix it all for quite some time. The final result will be a pretty liquid sauce. We need it to be liquid because pasta is going to literally cook into this sauce.

So, it's layers time! Start with a thin layer of sauce and then create layers with this order: pasta, bechamel sauce, meat sauce, Parmesan. At least 4 layers are necessary for a good result.

Put everything in the oven for half an hour and then let it rest for about one hour. There you go! Lasagne are ready! 🙂


Well, simply because in all these years spent on the net i did not find something dedicated to students or simply people who can't or don't want to spend a lot of money to have some decent freshly prepared food.

It's a challenging task, but it's can also come in a handy! We all have friends and it's so nice to meet them for dinner but… Well, restaurants are simply too expensive, and cooking according to those nice coated pages recipe books can be almost as expensive.

What i will try to do here is to share what i have learnt in all these years. I'm Italian so most of the recipes i will present here have such a background, but i also like to experiment and try new things so i might surprise you sometimes.

I hope you will have fun, both reading this blog and in the kitchen! Here it comes the first recipe!